The Monastic Order of Saint Sebastian

Welcome Home

This is the home page of the Monastic Order of St. Sebastian or the O.S.S. for short.

I have provided a very short Faq for you here to get a short idea of what we are, and who we are in relation to the historic Orthodox Catholic faith.

Brothers and Sisters I wanted to personally introduce you to the Order of St. Sebastian as the new and first abbot to this contemporary order. Here's a primer for the Monastic Order of St. Sebastian and instructions if your interested.

1. Q. What is contemporary monasticism?
A. Contemporary monasticism is a form of monasticism developed combining elements of religious hermitage with, elements of the Orders mendicant, and with traditional monasticism. In this like monastics we have habits prayer rules profession of vows, and traditional elements of monasticism like monasteries priories, missions, and the like. Where does it change? well the first is in the philosophy that the world is our monastery. Walled monasteries, priories, and missions are meant for contemplation meditation prayer, services, and the like but our work is in the community. In this way we act as monastics so to as the ancient monasteries were centers of learning, education, and religion so to is the monastic on the Order of St. Sebastian. So we preach teach, and maintain obedience to the Great Commission given to us by our Lord, and Savior. We Preach, and Teach assemble congregations together for the purposes of worship. We make disciples of all nations.

2. Q. Is there a manual?
A. Yes the manual used to be used by the Order when it was a part of Unity Catholic Church, since it's separation from Unity Catholic Church the manual has fallen into disuse. It is listed on this website for your use as it still contains some great instructions on the Monastic life. You may contact any member for the manual.

3. Q. How do I become involved in something like this?
A. Let an Abbot know, and you will be entered into consideration for the monastic state. There is a process for this and I encourage you to contact an abbot and discuss this process with them. There are three professions of Vows

4. Q. Can I work and be a monk?
A. Yes

5. Q. Can I be married and have a family
A. Yes Chastity from relationships, and family making is not a Vow, and is treated as a sacred ministry.

6. Q. Are Women allowed to enter into the monastic state?
A. Absolutely women are always encouraged to pursue monasticism. In the Eastern Orthodox Church which is what some of this rite is based on both men, and women are referred to a monastics. Referring to female monastics as nuns, and their monasteries as convents or nunneries if your feeling old fashioned is a Western Rite Practice that has bled over somewhat. this practice is acceptable for those preferring to practice western Catholicism as their primary method of connecting with God.

7. Q. What is a prayer rule?
A. A prayer Rule is a list of prayer recited daily in addition to any other wonderful prayers from other sources to develop a full spiritual life and develop a closer connection with God.

8. Q. Is the monastic Order of St. Sebastian Structured?
A. Yes. But some of the other areas are lax as well. For example we require the Habit when exercising ministry, and you can be assigned an assignment formally which is usually something you wanted to do. You ask for an assignment teaching, and preaching to the masses we issue you an assignment to do such a thing and off you go. That doesn't mean you need one to preach and to teach but it means we have a formal record of your activities, and can report you being on formal assignment to the Archdiocese in our monthly report.

9. Q. How can I make such a community.
A. Simple gather a few people together, and inform an Abbot of your request we'll start the process with a Lay License which leads to performing your first profession of Vows, and presenting you with a Habit. With a Lay License assuming your a member of the Laity you can preach, and teach pray for others, baptize, and form a mission. You will be awarded the use of the title Brother.

10. Q. What is a mission?
A. A mission is the beginnings of a parish, or it is focused on the ministries for the poor and the vulnerable, as well as education, and the preparation of Christians to learn about their faith, be baptized, run bible studies, and run chaplaincies with hospitals and so on. Non Ordained Brothers, and Sisters can operate a mission.

11. Q. What is a Priory?
A. Because a priory is a mission that has an Ordained Brother administering the sacraments, it can take on something of the character of a parish in it's function, and assumes all of the duties of a mission and parish combined. When a mission has grown to the point that it can be self sustaining meaning people show up there's some financial sustainability, and there's both a number of professed brothers and sisters that are a part of the community or chapter/province as a whole, and the community possesses a suitable candidate for Holy Orders then the Mission is elevated to a priory, and the one put forth for Holy Orders is Ordained to the Priesthood if possible a Deacon will be Ordained as well and should serve the community in case the priest is unavailable, finally the new priory celebrates the Mass and all of the sacraments for the brothers and sisters of the community and any laity that attend services.

12. Q. What is a Monastery?
A. monastery is a collaboration of Monastics in a local area centered around a specific location made available to them. The Collection of individuals under the Spiritual Care of an Abbot is what makes such a thing a monastery not the Building. The Abbot comes in two varieties Presbyteral, and Episcopal. Episcopal Abbots are preferred since they can Ordain Heiromonks, for existing Priories, and elevate Missions into the status of a Priory. It is the policy of the Order that Presbyteral Abbots will eventually receive Consecration to the Episcopacy.

13. Q. So what is the point of all of this?
A. I encourage all of you to Join the monastic Order of St. Sebastian I would love to see this brand new Order Grow, and thrive, and I need Good men, and women of God to help me do so.